about the Man with the Beard

The Man with the Beard works in the courts. Read more about him here. He has published a number of self-help legal reference books to help people who are representing themselves before the criminal courts or at council licensing hearings.

But all that is neither here nor there, really. The Man the Beard might as well be a librarian, a stock-broker or a surgeon. The point is that he knows how to get books published. He knows how to format the pages, how to arrange the paragraphs, how to add cover art and text, and how to get the books up for sale on the internet. He has done it. He knows the process.

And he can do it for you, too: find out how.

Note : There are some things that fall outside the skillset of the Man with the Beard. Sadly he will not be able to:

a. sell you a Hyundai car;

b. wallpaper your house, or

c. sing you any songs about beards.

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