How good is the book quality?

The quality of your book is judged in two ways: the physical quality of the end product and the cover. 

The Man with the Beard believes that the physical quality of your books published with KDP will be every bit as good as you would expect. With a paperback, it’s mainly to do with the quality of the binding and the paper used. With e-books and paperbacks alike, it’s also to do with the format and layout of the text.

People really do judge a book by its cover, too. As people browse your book in the Amazon store they can see both the front and the back covers. This is your opportunity to present information about you and your book in a professional way. This will feed in to their impression of the quality of your book. The covers need to be right, and it pays to give careful attention to presentation. 

On the back cover you may want to use an image of yourself accompanied by some text explaining who you are. There is also space to say something about the book. 

The front cover should be clear and uncluttered. For example, here is the front cover that the Man with the Beard designed for his first book:

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