OK. Here’s the deal.

Website? Of course.

Blog? If you want one. You know that I recommend you have one (see Paper Planes) though if you’d only like an eye-catching website, that’s great.

Social Media? This works pretty easily by itself if you run a Blog set up by the Man with the Beard. You don’t have to use social media, though.

E-mail address that suits you? For example: you@yourwebsite.com. Easily sorted and looks professional, though if you’re happy with your gmail account or whatever you have at the moment, that’s fine, too.

Either way, you won’t need to worry about Spam because we can set up your website so that people contact you intially through an online form. When you’re satisfied they’re not a robot, you can e-mail each other to your hearts’ content. You can find an example of an online form right here. It’s where you can send your enquiry  to the Man with the Beard to see how he can help you. What have you got to lose?

And pricing? Good, honest, straight. We’ll sort out what you want, we’ll agree a price, and the Man with the Beard will do you proud. No silly annual fees – except for the renewal of your domain name, and that’s kind of essential, and is normally something like twenty quid.