So how does it work?

Everything is done through the publishing arm of, called Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP. The name is a bit of a misnomer because the word ‘Kindle’ suggests that you can only publish e-books for Kindles. In fact, your work can be published as a paperback or as an e-book or both. Whatever route you go down, your book will be available to buy on Amazon, probably the world’s largest online marketplace.

Check out KDP here.

There’s a process involved with KDP. Amazon call it self-publishing: you will be self-publishing your own work, it’s just that The Man with the Beard will use his technical know-how to help you do it. Supply him with your text and any images you would like to consider using inside the book or on its cover, and The Man With The Beard will get everything ready for you so that you can get your work published and available to buy online as an e-book or paperback. Don’t worry, you always retain the copyright in your work, and the KDP account is yours and yours alone. 

Just as the Man with the Beard does with his books, you can do it yourself if you have the time, the IT know-how and a keen eye for formatting and cover design. There are no up-front fees to pay to Amazon; they take their cut from each sale (read more about that here). Amazon is so massive that, when it comes to paperback sales, it literally prints and ships on demand.

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