The Man with the Beard is not deterred!

Just as I am starting my Relativity blog, suddenly doubt is cast on the Theory / Theories! Yesterday the Huffington Post published a super short article by George Musser entitled Why Space and Time Might Be An Illusion. It is well worth a read.

Einstein has been all over the news recently because of the anniversary of his work and because of the discovery a couple of months ago that the gravitational waves he predicted do actually exist. But in fact any scientific theory only lasts as long as it takes someone else to disprove or modify it. Whilst that’s not happened yet, there continues to exist a tension between Relativity, on the one hand, and quantum theory on the other. For reasons which this blog will hopefully lead me to discover (er.. let’s hope) physicists dispute that both theories can live the same world, or universe.

So it makes no sense for people to say that they are “supporters” of one theory over another. You have to go with an open mind to wherever the evidence takes you. Or in my case, with an empty mind …