Will I make any money?

Well, the Man with the Beard does; see his three books for sale on Amazon here, here and here. And there was a success story featured in the Times [paywall] on August 26th 2019 about writer Nicola May:

You have nothing to lose. Literally. There are no fees due up front to Amazon for getting your book on sale with them. Amazon takes payment from purchasers and transfers your share (your royalties) to your bank account, taking their fee from each sale. It is all accounted for; you can see the figures on your KDP sales dashboard. Even before you click the ‘publish’ button, you can see the breakdown showing how much of the cover price you will receive.

How much your royalties will be depends in part on how big your book is because this will affect printing cost. To give you an idea, the Man with the Beard’s first book, How Do I Defend Myself At Court, has about ninety pages and retails for £9.99. The Man with the Beard’s royalties are £4.29, the remainder of the £9.99 purchase price going towards printing cost (£1.70) and the fee due to Amazon.

The job of the Man with the Beard is to get your book ready for you to self-publish on Amazon. That’s when he bows out. He takes nothing from your royalties; your money is yours.

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