Your “Blog” is a fancy way to describe your news. It’s your public notice board. Anyone can read what you post there. And that’s the whole point: you want them to read what you’re posting there. A Blog is a wonderful thing. Having a Blog says, “We’re here and we’ve got stuff to say to you”. 

OK, so let’s deal with some Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs. Ready?

FAQ 1: Where do I keep my Blog?

Your Blog is part of your website. It’s a kind of given in all this that you have a website that engages people who come and visit. A Google search is almost certainly the first thing that potential customers will do to find out stuff about you. Having no website or (worse) a shockingly bad one is the online equivalent of a spectacular own-goal. It kind of says you barely exist.

A good website does two things well. First, it tells your story and explains what you do. That’s the fairly standard stuff that you update maybe occasionally. Second, your Website runs your Blog which you update, hopefully, every day, and which is whizzed across SocialMediaLand to keep you the focus of interest for potential customers. 

FAQ 2: Who will read my Blog?

All you do is write your Blogposts and publish them. Er, that’s it! You will find that the Man with the Beard will have done the rest for you. Your website will be set up so that each Blogpost flies across the world on your Paper Planes. And your team of Private Detectives will be seeking out everyone on t’internet who will be interested in you and your business.

FAQ 3: But do you have stuff to say?

Look at it this way: when you meet your customers face to face or talk to them on the phone, do you talk to them? Of course you do, and the same thing goes for your Blog. In many ways a Blog is easier. What to blog about? Get some great tips from the Man with the Beard right here.

FAQ 4: People are Social Animals

Your customers are human beings who are waiting for you to talk with them, and the internet is built for online social relationships. It is a marriage made in heaven.

What are you doing to talk to your customers online?

Believe me, your customers are influenced by what they read and by how much they perceive a business socially interacts with them online. Don’t leave them waiting and watching like walruses: writing a Blog is easy!

FAQ 5: “Just One Click”: a Blog makes you more efficient

A Blog is time-efficient. Imagine printing some posters for an item of news you have to share with potential customers. You might distribute your posters far and widely. But only some of the people who get your flyers will be interested in your product or services. You will hope to get some business from at least some of them, but you don’t know which ones they are. So you have to go round to all their houses, knock on their doors and put your leaflets in their hands. Sometimes your poster will go straight in the bin. And when you next have some news to spread, you repeat the process. And so on, and so on.

You just wouldn’t do any that would you. It would be a great waste of time.

But you could do much the same thing on your Blogpage – only more efficiently. Just turn on your iPad and type in your news. Be as short or as long as you like. Yes indeed, and when you’re done typing just click to “publish” what you’ve written. Et voilà! Your news will be out there for all your followers to see, and for anyone else in SocialMediaLand to see, as well.

Ah, yes, SocialMediaLand. That is to say, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, for example. Maybe you even run all these already? The Man with the Beard says write your Blog, and then let your Blog automatically update your social media for you