Let’s say you’ve had a new member of staff start, you might post a photo of them on your Blog. Or maybe a ‘Team Photo’ – That would be a very good way to introduce you and your business to the public. Blogposts as simple as these create and maintain interest in your business. Think of your Blogposts as Paper Planes.

You whizz them all over the country, each with a message written on the wings saying, “Hey! Remember us!” Everyone loves paper planes, right? And the best thing is that your followers have switched on their runway landing lights just for you. These people want to see your news – why else have they signed up with you? Seriously, why would you not want to communicate with them?

And what if these paper planes make your followers think that the next time they’re in town they’ll pop in to your place, or when they are next considering buying the services that you offer, your name will pop in their minds? Because, after all, you are a nice person to deal with; that much is clear from your Blogposts. And even if they don’t come to you straightaway, they’re still happy to carry on receiving your paper planes with your messages written on the wings. They might come tomorrow. What could be better than that?

Well, actually there is something better than that.

First of all, your paper planes will fly further than you think. Oh, yes. As soon as you click to “publish” your Blogpost, several things will happen all by themselves without you needing to do a single thing more:

1. Your typing is converted instantly into your next Blogpost. It goes to the top of the list on your Blogpage and is instantly the most visible piece of news in “Our News”. (The post you published yesterday becomes number two in the list and so on.)

2. Your social media followers who have signed up to your Blog will receive an email containing a link which will take them straight to your website and to the new blogpost.

3. Your new blogpost is automatically sent out to SocialMediaLand. It is tweeted through your Twitter account. It is posted on your Facebook page. And on your Google+ page. And on your LinkedIn profile. Yes, indeed. You will have all of these because the Man with the Beard will have set them up for you. Those paper planes will fly far and wide on your behalf.

All of it comes from clicking a button marked “Publish” – not bad, eh?

There’s more ..

That’s not even the best of it. Every time your followers in SocialMediaLand click that link in your Tweet or in your Facebook post (etc), they will be taken straight to your Blogpage on your website. Whoa! Hold on right there! Let’s think about that: I’m saying that the internet will route them straight to your website. Straight to you: that’s got to be worth something, right?

And there’s still more ..

Not content with whizzing your paper planes round SocialMediaLand, your website will also dispatch a team of Private Detectives to scour the internet and track down people who are interested in what you are doing.