Wondering why you or your business needs a Blog? Then first click here to read why.

Right here, right now, we’re going to discuss what you can blog about. Don’t ‘over-think’ it. The one thing they won’t want to read a massive piece of writing, that’s for sure. That’s good to know because you won’t want to write a great load – you’ve got a business to run, right?

Good blogging is Short Blogging. A Blog a day will keep you alive in the minds of your followers in SocialMediaLand. Blogging is an opportunity to present yourself and your business socially to people who are interested in you and your business. ‘Flogger-bloggers’ who only try to sell their products or services will lose, not gain, followers; these people don’t get it. But if you see blogging as a fun way to create a social relationship with people who’re interested in you and your business, then you will be doing it right.

– Customer come in and a funny moment happened? Blog it: three or four lines with an unusual or amusing pay-off is ideal.

– New member of staff started? Blog a pic, show the human side to your business.

– Having a laugh behind the scenes getting ready to open? Take a photo and blog it. (Pics are easy, the Man with the Beard will show you how.)

– You use environmentally friendly packaging for your takeaway food? Blog a picture, talk about it. Environmental issues can seriously impact on some people’s decisions to buy.

– Got some good health facts about the stuff you sell? Blog them.

– Weather warming up? Post a picture of the canal side or the town centre near you, show you’re a local champ.

– Is there a local or festival event planned for your town? Will you be open during it? Then blog about it: give publicity to the event – and to your opening hours, too.

– Had a brainwave? Thought of more than one thing to blog about? Post one, and ‘bank’ the others for later.

There are always topics that would be interesting to your customers. You are telling them stuff about you and your business that you’d be happy to talk about if they came to see you in person. The good thing about blogging is that you get to reach out to your customers before they come to you. The best and most perfectly legitimate aim of blogging is to persuade customers into your shop without walloping them with unsavoury sales rubbish – by just talking to them.

Blogging is Chatting Written Down – I like that phrase, I’ll use it more.