Look like they’re waiting for something to happen, don’t they.

Let’s have a little fun and imagine for a moment that they represent your customers. The Man with the Beard sees things this way. Customers, old and new, are always around. (Unlike walruses, I’ll grant you that.) Your existing customers need a little reminder from time to time that you’re still around. And the new ones – well, they just need to be found.

Here comes the thing with those walruses. Your customers are out there waiting for you to talk to them. You’d better believe it. Sure, you talk to them whenever they ring you on the phone or whenever they come round in person. I’ll bet you reply to their e-mails, too. But customers, new and old, want to hear what you have to say before they get the idea to come to you. And why is this? Simply because they are human, and because humans are social animals.

The Man with the Beard creates websites for people and small businesses. And these websites don’t just look good. They bring you closer to people who are interested in you and your business:

  • An Air Force of Paper Planes delivering messages from you to them;
  • A network of Private Detectives scouring the internet to find these lovely people and take them to your website;
  • A Navy that (er, that’s enough with the analogies).

You see, the point is to get the technology to do the grafting. Leaving you to do the fun stuff. Have a click below.